Dietary supplements as pills, shakes, tea and similar

For successful submission of your offer please make sure that you answet to the following questions.

1st: Questionnaire about product

  • 1. How many different product do you sell?
  • 2. Can your product be supplied as whitelabel product for our branding?
  • 3. What is minimum quantity for white label purchase?
  • 4. Which courier service do you use for delivery?
  • 5. Please enclose full wholesale price list with quantities discounts
  • 6. Please enclose label design with full text and specifications for translations. For dietary supplements all ingredients shall be in english and Latin language.
  • 7. Note from which country are you sending goods. All product should originated from EU.

2nd: Tests and certificates

Before buying products you must provide us following documents:

  • • Certificates of Free Sale valid in European Union (If you are EU producer you obtained this document before you put product on the market. If you are a producer form outside EU then every buyer from EU created this document)
  • • Full product/ingredients specification
  • • Microbiological analysis
  • • The content of heavy metals
    • - Cadmium (allowed < 1 ppm)
    • - Lead (allowed < 1 ppm)
    • - Mercury (allowed <0.1 ppm)

  • • Signed statement that product does NOT contain GMO
  • • Signed statement that product and/or ingredients ane NOT irradiated

For fish oil / omega3 products also

  • - Dioxine and PCB test report
  • - Benzo (a) Pyrene test report
  • - Mercury (allowed <0.1 ppm)

3rd: Sample package

Please attach proforma invoice for quantity of 10 of your products. Dont forget to write down full bank account information.

You can find our company information in contact page.

4th: Marketing material

If sales preparation process we have to prepare marketing material in several languages. If you have some photo material which can help us speed up the process, please attach it.

Our product managing departmant receives large amounts of offers so we take a look only to those fully prepared. Please take a second look and update all your information before sending.

Please send all required data and documents to our purchase department on email: